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Homelife Agent Special - Save $100
Are you a Homelife agent? Create your Redplug website today and receive $100 off the setup price.…
Offer expires on Sunday. Jan 1 2002

The power to create, manage and deliver, real estate website success.

→   CREATE a professional one-of-a-kind real estate website in minutes.

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Up-to-date website with zero-maintenance required.
KenCowie.com's listings are refreshed instantly and automatically whenever they're updated in the…
Mar 15 1999


Power Bar Upgrade
Editing your Redplug website is easier than ever.
The all-new Power Bar is a special menu of admin controls to edit your website and preview changes…
Redplug Internet Oct 3 2016
Mobile-Friendly and Touch-Friendly Footers
Responsive web design provides the optimal experience from any device.
As the use of smartphones and tablets for internet browsing increases, so does the importance of a…
Redplug Internet Apr 18 2016
Transition to Paragon MLS Complete
Improvements to the listings transfer system ensure accurate and up to date listings for all Redplug websites.
The new Paragon MLS went live in September 2015. Redplug spent over 160 hours over the summer…
Redplug Internet Sep 30 2015