Responsive Template Upgrades

an optimal experience on any device

Since the responsive footers upgrade announced in April, Redplug has been hard at work implementing further responsive web design changes to provide an optimal experience on any device. We're pleased to announce that all our website templates are now 100% responsive, featuring: 

  • template graphics that are sized and positioned depending on screen size and scrolling;
  • a self-adjusting main menu that responds intelligently to use the available width;
  • bigger touch-friendly buttons.

How To Test

Template upgrades were pushed to all websites in November, free of charge. To test out the new responsive features.

  1. Open up a Redplug website on a wide screen device such as a desktop computer or laptop.
  2. Visit a responsive page. e.g. /contact.php, /privacy.php, /sitemap.php, /terms.php
  3. Resize your browser window's width from very narrow to very wide to see how the main menu, graphics and layout changes at various widths.

Redplug Content

Now that all templates are responsive, we've begun the task of making our page content responsive. This includes the forms, articles, news, listings, and other Redplug-provided components. To date, we've completed most existing content except for listings components and a few other complex pages. Updates to these pages will be released gradually over the next few months in conjunction with other changes.

Custom Content

In addition to Redplug-provided content, many of our sites feature custom-designed (site-specific) content that hasn't yet been upgraded to be responsive. These pages will continue to display well on wide screens, but may require scrolling on tablets, phones and other narrow devices. Over the coming months, we'll be working with customers to gradually upgrade this content. To fast-track the responsive upgrade for your website's custom content, please contact us.  





Redplug Dec 9 2016