Plug-In Page Upgrades

Plug-In Pages are the listings presentation pages, lead generating forms, real estate articles, calculators and other ready-to-go website features developed by Redplug for use on its customers' real estate websites.

Redplug is pleased to announce, that as of December 22nd, 2014, all Redplug websites have been upgraded to take advantage of the newest plug-in page improvements.

The Plug-In Pages are foundational to the success of every Redplug website, and are constantly being re-worked to improve aesthetics, ease-of-use and interactivity. Less noticeable technical changes are also made to improve speed, search engine results, manageability and standards compliance.

This roll-out sets the stage for a major release of new and improved listings pages in 2015.

Redplug Internet Dec 22 2014