Realty Webworks is now Redplug Internet Services

The REDPLUG acronym alludes to the 3 strengths of the Redplug brand.

RE = Real Estate.
Redplug specializes in websites for the real estate industry. Our tried and true system of listings components and fresh content is designed and refined to generate leads for agents and offices.

D = Dynamic.
Redplug websites are dynamic: always-changing, fresh and relevant. Listings, news feeds, articles and other syndicated content are added and updated automatically. Redplug's Edit Mode provides full control over site design and custom content.

PLUG alludes to the "easy-to-use" concept behind Redplug's slogan, "Plug in your real estate website."
Redplug websites are incredibly easy to create and maintain -- a set it and forget it experience. Even beginnner computer users can take a Website Test Drive to create a customized real estate website in minutes.

The goal of our name change is to more clearly communicate REDPLUG's unique value proposition.

Jan 1 2004