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Web Development

Shop Rate
Standard rate $120.00/h
Preferred rate for customers with a website hosted by Redplug.  $80.00/h

The Website Test Drive and Web Control Panel makes it easy to get online with a customized real estate website at an affordable price.

But when your website needs changes that can't be made with our easy-to-use automated tools, Redplug is ready to help with:

  • web page design, graphics, animation
  • responsive features / web-based programs, powered by the PHP programming language
  • database backed web pages, powered by the MySQL database and PHP
  • integrating MLS.ca listings features with your website
  • copy-writing
  • any other type of web development work

Search Engine Positioning

The Redplug Website Test Drive and Redplug 'n' Play Components have been programmed to automatically generate web pages that rank high in search engines for the appropriate keywords. But if search engine traffic is absolutely critical to your website's success, Redplug recommends a more focused approach.

Redplug's Search Engine Positioning Tune-up

Search Engine Positioning
Search Engine Positioning service is billed at Redplug's shop rate + expenses for 3rd party optimization and/or submission services.

Expect each page to be optimized to take between 1 - 2 hours. Expect the submission process to take between 2 - 4 hours.

With the help of professional tools Redplug will:

  • Find the most appropriate keywords for your website / target market.
  • Check your website's current rankings for those keywords.
  • Change titles, keywords and body copy throughout your website to target those keywords.
  • Suggest further revisions to optimize your website even further.
  • Use a submission service to re-submit your website to most of the major search engines.
  • Manually submit your website to the most important search engines.

See the Website Promotion FAQ for background information.

Domain Name Registration and Management

Domain Registration
.com $40/year
.net $40/year
.org $40/year
.ca $40/year
other Contact support@redplug.com.
* All prices are in Canadian dollars, and do not include GST.

Redplug can register your domain name on your behalf, manage the record on an ongoing basis, and integrate the annual charge with your payment plan. (Redplug requires payment of the domain registration fee in January of the year the domain requires renewal.)

See the Domain Registration Rates table to the right.

Email Services

All Redplug website plans include:

  • 1 standard pop-email account per realtor
  • 1 forwarding email address per realtor
  • junk mail filtering on all email services

In rare circumstances, you may want to additional pop email accounts above and beyond your package limits. Each additional pop email account costs $4.00/month.

Redplug does not provide bulk-email delivery service.

1 Page Hibernation Website

Want to temporarily shutdown your Redplug website for a few months during a leave-of-absence or for any reason? The 1 Page Hibernation Website plan gives you:

  • one page at http://www.yourdomain.com/ to greet website visitors with an explanatory message.
  • uninterrupted email service.
  • the option to "go live" again at a moment's notice. (All of your website content and settings are saved.)

The 1 Page Hibernation website plan costs only $12.00 / month, instead of your regular monthly fee. There is no charge to switch to the 1 Page Hibernation Website plan, and no charge to switch back to your original plan. 

Not sure if Redplug can do it? Just ask!

Or, take a look at our portfolio of real estate websites, to see if we've done done something similar to what you're looking for.