Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the unique internet address your visitors type on their computer to visit your internet website. e.g.,, The "www." is a popular convention in everyday use, but is not part of the actual domain name.

Nov 13 1998
Why do I need to register a domain name?

Every internet website has a unique numeric ip address of up to 12 digits like You can type in the ip address of any website to display it in your browser. e.g.

The domain name system (DNS) was invented to translate the arcane ip address into a unique memorable domain name like If a website has registered a domain name, you can type it in to display it in your browser. e.g.

Marketing your website is much easier with a domain name.

Nov 13 1998
How do I determine if the domain name I want is available?

To determine if a domain name is available, email with your list of domain name ideas. Redplug will conduct the search and let you know which names are available.

Or, to check domain availability yourself, you can visit the whois interface for the type of domain name you are interested in:

May 11 2009
How do I choose an effective domain name.

Because domain names are unique, a domain name may be registered by only one entity. You may find that a domain name you like is already registered to someone else: you'll have to make an alternate choice.

An effective domain name:

  • is short.
  • is easy to spell.
  • is easy to remember.
  • contains letters only.
    A domain name can contain numbers and the dash character as well, but these are not recommended as they can be confusing.
  • should have a domain extension that is well recognized by the target market
    The .com (commercial) extension is the best recognized internationally, and most preferred. Behind that, the .net (network) extension is almost as well known, but is considered a little less professional. For some countries, a regional extension such as .ca (Canada) or .uk (United Kingdom) can be effective, depending on how well known the domain extension is in the market. There are also a number of new global domain extensions becoming available, but they are not recommended until their use become more widespread.

Most Realtors use a form of their name as their domain name. e.g.,, This approach is a safe bet unless the name is too long or difficult to spell correctly.

Some Realtors use a marketing slogan, nickname or territorial identifier as their domain name. e.g., This can be effective as long as you tie in your domain name with your whole professional identity.

Real Estate offices generally go with the name of their franchise and office. e.g. Some add a location identifier. e.g. Some real estate franchises have very specific domain naming rules to consider before completing a registration.

For help selecting a domain name, please contact us with your top considerations and ideas.

Nov 13 1998
How do I register a domain name?

Once you have decided on an available domain name, contact us with details: domain name, your organization's name, your name, street address, city, province, postal code, phone number, fax number and email address.

You will be charged an annual registration fee for this service. See Other Services for pricing information.

Nov 13 1998
How much does a domain name cost to register / renew?
Who retains legal rights to the domain name I register?

You do. While Redplug acts as administrative and billing liaison on your behalf, you are registered as the legal registrant and have full legal rights to your domain name.

Nov 17 1998
Do I have to register my domain name with Redplug?

No. If you would prefer to manage it yourself, you may register your domain name with any registrar. Please email to request the appropriate nameserver information you'll need when completing the registration process.

Nov 17 1998