Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request custom revisions to my website?

Contact Redplug with your revision request. If you are requesting a major change or addition, Redplug will provide you with a quote for the work involved. You can then choose to accept, reject, or re-work the quote.

Jan 1 2004
What is Redplug's current shop rate for custom development?
How do I communicate with my Redplug developer?

You can contact your Redplug developer by:

Jan 1 2004
How do I send revisions requests to Redplug?

To save yourself money by keeping your developer's time to a minimum, you'll want to send revisions in the format that is easiest to work with.

  • For page formatting, layout, margin, image, font-size issues, or for a few minor changes to text copy, please fax the printed page to 604-608-9327.
  • For comprehensive changes to text copy, edit a snippet in Edit Mode, then contact to implement it on your website.
Jan 1 2004
How do I send text copy to Redplug?

The best way to send text copy to Redplug is to use the Edit Mode's Article editor to compose your document. The Article editor includes a built in word processor that lets you edit fonts, styles, colors, bullets, add columns, links and more. After you've saved your article, click the View button to see how the article will appear on your website. Once you're satisfied, contact with instructions on what to do with the finished article.

This method of submitting text is recommended as it requires little or no post-production work by a Redplug developer, resulting in the lowest cost to you.

Alternatively, you can email an attached document in ".html" web page format, ".txt" plain text format, ".doc" Microsoft Word format.

You may also fax text information to 604-608-9327. Note that this will require more development time to type and proof the text.

Jan 1 2004
How do I send pictures to Redplug?

Email images as attachments to The accepted image file formats, in order of preference, are:

  • .jpg - JPEG (Do not compress the files as this results in poorer quality.)
  • .gif - GIF
  • .png - PNG
  • .psd - PhotoShop
  • .psp - Paint Shop Pro

You may also mail photographs or artwork. Note that this will require more development time to scan and manipulate the images.

Jan 1 2004
How do I review my website?

Take your time!
Giving yourself a few days to think ensures you won't miss changes that can be completed free of charge during the initial development.

Get some help!
Invite friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who is willing to critique the website, to offer advice. These testers don't need to be internet experts. In fact, novice computer users are often the best qualified to expose problems.

Jan 1 2004
Why do I need to submit revisions all in one batch?

As you review your website, it will take at least 1 initial check and 1 or 2 detailed checks to notice most of the outstanding problems. If your friends or colleagues are also reviewing your website, you may have pages of notes and suggestions to sort through. Some of these suggestions may even contradict one another.

If each revision request is submitted when noted, the amount of work required to track and make changes increases drastically. By limiting the number of revisions messages to one per review, you can keep your developer's time at a minimum and save yourself money in the process.

Jan 1 2004
Who retains the copyright to my website?

Redplug websites are created with the help of ready-to-go components designed to get a real estate website up and running quickly. These components (designs, images, multimedia, scripts, etc) have been custom-developed at considerable expense for use on all of our customers' websites. Redplug retains the exclusive copyright to these components. These components are not purchased outright, but rented on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, whenever you submit material for inclusion on your website, you retain the exclusive copyright for that material. For example, if you include a listing, a photo of yourself, or an article you wrote, you would retain exclusive copyright.

See the Redplug Service Agreement: Terms page for more information.

Jan 1 2004