Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop receiving so much spam / junk mail?

Ignore messages marked as spam/junk.

Redplug's junk-email filtering software examines each incoming message, and scores it on the likelihood that it is junk mail. If an email message is determined to be junk mail, the term [SPAM] is added to the subject of the message and certain codes are added to the header of the message. This makes it easy to identify and delete junk mail.

To automate the process of ignoring junk mail, you can configure your email software with a message rule or filter to automatically ignore, delete or store junk mail in a separate folder. Search the web to learn about setting up such a message rule for your particular email software. e.g. google: outlook spam message rule

The filtering system will catch most junk mail. On rare occasions, it may incorrectly classify a legitimate email as junk, so you will want to monitor it after setting it up.

Stop email return receipts or "web bugs" from reporting your email address to spammers.

When you receive an email message containing a remote image, your email client requests the image from a remote server. This confirms to the sender of the message that your email address is working and that you have opened the message. By viewing junk mail message images, you're virtually assured of receiving even more junk mail. To stop reporting your email address to spammers, configure your email client to display remote content only when you say its ok.

Apr 20 2005