Frequently Asked Questions

What is a search engine? What is search engine optimization / keyword indexing / search engine submission?

Whenever someone is looking for anything on the internet, they go to a search service such as Google to enter the keywords ( search term) they are interested in. The search engine will then output a list of web pages that contain the keywords the user entered.

Search engine optimization is a process that increases the amount of qualified traffic to your website by making it easier to find via a search service website. Search engine optimization includes 2 main strategies: keyword indexing and search engine submission.

Keyword Indexing

Keyword indexing is a process of adding specific keywords to your website to describe the contents of its pages for the benefit of search services. Specifically, appropriate keywords are added to the titles, content and the HTML code of your website's pages. Keyword indexing helps ensure that your website will be found when a user is looking for home listings, real estate tips, resources, or a real estate professional in your area.

Search Engine Submission

Only web pages that have been submitted to a search service's database, will be included in the results of a search. For this reason, its necessary to submit your website's address to the major search services once its up and running. Its not necessary to submit directly to the less popular search services as they draw information from the major ones automatically.

Redplug includes search engine submission service with every website plan. When complete your website address is submitted to all of the major search services with free url submission pages.

Redplug includes keyword indexing and search engine submission service during setup with each of its website packages.

Redplug also offers a supplementary search engine optimization tune-up service.

Jan 1 2004