Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send text copy to Redplug?

The best way to send text copy to Redplug is to use the Edit Mode's Article editor to compose your document. The Article editor includes a built in word processor that lets you edit fonts, styles, colors, bullets, add columns, links and more. After you've saved your article, click the View button to see how the article will appear on your website. Once you're satisfied, contact with instructions on what to do with the finished article.

This method of submitting text is recommended as it requires little or no post-production work by a Redplug developer, resulting in the lowest cost to you.

Alternatively, you can email an attached document in ".html" web page format, ".txt" plain text format, ".doc" Microsoft Word format.

You may also fax text information to 604-608-9327. Note that this will require more development time to type and proof the text.

Jan 1 2004