Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a cookie cutter website like everyone else in my office?


With some real estate website developers, a "professionally designed" web site is nothing more than your name and photograph plugged into a store-bought cookie-cutter website. Send your business card and that's it -- you've got the same web page as everyone else in the office!

At Redplug, we rely on fully customizable, professionally-developed website templates with hundreds of design options to start you off with a web site that's as unique as you are. Exhibit your own personal style, creativity and professional approach by choosing your own design, colors, logo, fonts, photos and other design options. Then use Edit MOde to directly edit your marketing message and preferences. Choose only the resources you want to use. But that's only the beginning of the development process!

Once you've got a basic template you are comfortable with, Redplug can customize your website as much as you'd like. The development process isn't over until your web site is exactly the way you want it!

Apr 15 2001